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It only takes two cooks to disagree on one recipe. If you’re a good cook, and chances are you are one, then you know what we are talking about. But, and there’s always a but, no two, three, or more cooks will disagree, ever, on the paramount importance of the quality of ingredients that go into any recipe.
Flavourful. Wholesome. Nutritious. Traceable origins. Preferably locally-grown. Definitely locally-grown, is what you will hear before any word about how to prepare what.

We know this. We get it. We made it our mission to shoulder the efforts of over 900 local farmers and their labour of love. Because nothing will ever match the quality of a perfectly ripened, full flavour, full nutrients, locally-grown produce, that is delivered Farm-To-Shelf within 24 hours of harvesting. That’s a promise.

So when you buy a Silal Fresh fruit or vegetable, not only you will receive the warm thank you of over 900 local farmers, but those of your taste buds as well.